About This Project.

The idea is simple, take 50 thousand dollars and invest it in the market and turn it into 1 million dollars. Is it possible? Of course it is.

These guys down on wall street do this all the time.  I have been making a ton of money in the market for years, in-fact I love the stock market. There is no other way to make so much money so quickly that I know of, then in the stock market.

A long time ago I had a hundred thousand dollars in the market, and on my first trade I made 30 thousand dollars. -from that moment I was hooked. But just when I thought I was making big money, I started talking to the guys down on wall street. And I soon realized my little 30 thousand dollars was not really a lot of money at all. (now sure I did make it in about 15 minutes of my time, which to me was just mind blowing, at the time.) but to the real shakers and movers, they do this all the time, with much more money then I could have ever dreamed of having.

So yes, I decided to start a stock club. Something the average investor can follow. The plan is simple, take 50 thousand, not really a huge amount of money but a decent size, and turn it into a million dollars.  Just follow the picks I recommend on the site and together we will turn 50 thousand into one million.

Ask yourself this, could you use a million dollars, sure who couldn’t. How long will it take? good question, one year is the goal. and it’s February so we are already two months in. 🙂 So this is going to be really tight.

So by January 2010 we should have all made a million dollars. But it all depends on how the market is, right now we are looking at some of the toughest market conditions I have ever seen.


39 Responses to “About This Project.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Where have you been dude? Im interested!

  2. Prefer_Stock Says:

    Hi, I got into the market three months ago and I am up 55K so far. Love to trade ideas with everyone here. I am trading mostly bio stocks and I have a system that I use to “almost” guaranteed positive return every trade. I am on my way to make my first million. I know the fist one is always the hardest. I am so excited to find this website. Be in this investor club.

  3. enoughisenough Says:

    Robert, this is a very good question… I known you must be thinking, if he’s not buying stocks what in the world is he doing?

    It’s a very good question. I think it’s always best to trade in the best possible market, and right now it’s a tough place to be. The summer slowdown has really made it harder to trade.

    But I’m watching the market, and I just don’t feel like you need to trade all the time, a month or two can go by and I make no trades. I am just waiting out the summer slowdown. I could still trade in this market but the goal is to make a million so the little gains would not be that great where as the risk of losing money is much higher.

    -but to answer your question among the many things I am doing right now I am also starting a soap company, because I like the idea of having constant income coming in.. This is just something that was on the table and I decided it’s a great time to do this.

    If everything is done right it should not end up taking up much of my time once everything is finalized.

  4. enoughisenough Says:

    Prefer_Stock welcome, and feel free to share any ideas you like…

    I have been hoping to get some of my stock friends on the site to give trading ideas.. but I’ve been so busy..

    -but I will try to find the time.. -as I get ready to get back in the market myself…

    and of course good luck with your trades. 🙂

  5. Prefer_Stock Says:

    Hi enoughisenough,

    Thank you! I look forward to share trading ideas from everyone. I am still a newbie, A LOT to be learned. Good luck with your soap company, sounds really interesting.

  6. enoughisenough Says:

    Thank you..

  7. Robert P Says:

    Thanks for the update. Perhaps it would be good to post very short updates on the blog just to let us know you are still around. Also, are you holding any positions currently? Or do you only trade? Thanks and good luck with the soap!

  8. enoughisenough Says:

    Yes, will do… I will try to keep posting..

    I am currently not holding any positions, I am in all cash…

    I hope your trades are going well.. 🙂

  9. robert p Says:

    Its happening again.. markets are crashing. Are you still out there??

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